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I mentioned this on my tumblr, so I thought I'd post it here too

my copy of Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale has pretty annoying bugs, most likely my own disk and not the game itself

One is that the voices, except for taunts/respawns/customization are severely low in volume or just not there.

In the rival cutscenes, the voices aren’t there at all. While in some of the intros, they’re there, but really quiet.(Mainly Sweet Tooth, Kratos, Sir Dan, and PaRappa’s scenario prologues)

The only one not muted is Toro and his mews.

Kinda annoying since I want to hear the rival-scene and intro voices. :c

The other is SUPER annoying and game-breakingly obnoxious very similar to the Venom bug in Starfox 64, because it usually happens before the rival fight/climax of story-mode.

What happens is, I’m guessing too many things spawn on the screen(items and AP), because most often the music mutes as a sign, but it continues to play like normal…

Until I win usually, the results screen music plays, I press start to continue, and either

  1. the screen goes black with the music still playing
  2. loading screen for rival cutscene just goes on… And on, without the cutscene

it basically soft-locks and is very rage-quit inducing.

Oddly enough, it happened when I lost to Polygon Man too, the game kinda muted after there was a lot of stuff on the battlefield, I quit story-mode, but the screen was black with nothing coming up.

No one else has gotten this bug before, have they? I really think it’s just my disk, honestly I mainly felt like sharing this.

Wonder if I should exchange it for a better copy that doesn’t have the soft-lock…?


United States
Hello there, I am Needlekirby364 but most people can call me NK or N.k for short...

I love video games, like, lots of video games~~

Also tend to love western animation most of the time as well. And it's rare if I ever like anime.

My dumb fan-art/fan-fics usually consist of:
Madou Monogatari (or generally Puyo Puyo)
Luigi's Mansion (or generally Mario)
Legend of Zelda
Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale
Other games
Sometimes cartoons/comics

I suck at drawing, but continue at it anyway.

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