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No, there is no Lavender Town here.

That place was not scary to me even as a kid. If anything, I found it peaceful and was more creeped out by how it got replaced by a Radio Tower… But at the same time, the first three areas just leave me thinking rather than being afraid to begin with.

Keep in mind these are opinions, you're going to disagree with them for the most part. And that's fine! As long as no one goes shoving down opinions on others… Also there are spoilers here.

Pokemon… What's there to say about it? Some say it's getting better, others say it's getting worse… But let's face it, there was something in the games that creeped us out. GameFreak keeps leaving us pretty weird things in the games though.

5.) Generation Three - Abandoned Ship / S.S. Catcus

Now, this place always confused me as a kid… What the heck happened here exactly? It feels kinda depressing… Sure, Mt. Pyre is the "ghost" area of the game, but it didn't leave me feeling depressed at least.

This ship still has people running around in it, including children. Are these kids just visiting the ship? Or are they lost and unable to have anyone pick them up? There's a Ruin Maniac, so people could just be investigating… I can't help but keep wondering, who was boarding this ship, and what happened to them?

Yes, I'm sure that since it's a Pokemon game most of them lived. But there isn't much information given on the ship. You only go there for some TMs and the Scanner. It may not be creepy at all to anyone else, but… Something about the S.S. Cactus bugs me forever.

4.) Generation Six - Lumiose City

Right when the game came out, everyone flipped over finding this ghost of a Hex Maniac girl in some of the buildings. One in the Fighting Dojo where she just appears behind you at the elevator stop and slides away with no animation, disappearing into a dead-end. She utters "No, you're not the one" before leaving.

You see a very similar, if not the same girl in the Hotel Richissime. She won't turn to your direction upon speaking, and will only say "Don't talk to me… If you do, I won't… Hear the elevator" Possibly eluding to the elevator in the Fighting Dojo. A player has claimed that after finishing up work in the hotel, that the girl vanished and then came back after a while. This seems to be unconfirmed so far.

Finally, on the back of a TMV timetable in the station, there is writing that says "I'm going to go for help. Wait in the usual place". Some say that these are all linked… Will we know? Perhaps in a possible Z/X2/Y2. After all, they did that with… I won't spoil it.

3.) Generation Four - Old Chateau

By itself, this place wouldn't be creepy and I would have put something else instead… But like the previous two, there are unanswered questions, and an amount of lore to this place. Once you get the National Dex post-game, you can catch Rotom, a special Pokemon that can transform and hides inside the static-filled TV.

Now why is that Pokemon there? In Platinum, supposedly Charon/Pluto was there and discovered Rotom, as a book on the ground says "Something so peculiar should make off with the motor... ". Rotom spelled backwards is "motor" of course. And Rotom is also known for transforming into appliances, one including a lawn mower. You can learn even more about Rotom in Eterna City's Galactic HQ. As a child, Charon befriended Rotom, the one you find is most likely Charon's old friend.

But then… Who lived in the Chateau? You find an old man and a little girl wandering in the place, supposedly ghosts as they have no animations, and a haunted portrait whose eyes "follow" you. Why is there an antidote in the garbage and a gateau laying on the floor? The latter was a specialty that is basically a "Full Heal" in snack form.

What the hell happened in this place? None of it is answered, except for Rotom's origin. People have theorized that Gardenia lived there, and that theory… Is really stupid, I'm sorry. There is zero proof of it. Gardenia is simply afraid of ghosts, and refuses to go inside because of it. And if we go with the idea that people in the home were poisoned, Rotom couldn't have done it because it can only learn poison moves via TM. A more likely candidate is possibly a Gengar, which are poison-type. If you have a any main third generation game plugged into the back of the DS, you can encounter one. It does not come with any poison moves however.

So it's either that, or Charon himself… After all, he's kind of diabolical in some of the manga works. This all makes me think… What was going on in that guy's head the entire time? It's… Very confusing to me, as Diamond/Pearl/Platinum were my least favorite games, so my experience is fuzzy, yet I keep wondering…

If you have a theory that doesn't involve Gardenia, then by all means go ahead and shout.

2.) Generation Two - Ruins of Alph

Gold, Silver, and Crystal honestly I think have aged worse than Red and Blue have. I won't get into why I think so but… Can we just talk about Ruins of Alph and the Union Cave? When you go to the Ruins of Alph at first, the place is crowded with visitors, but the moment you solve a puzzle to make Unown appear… They're all gone, except for the scientists.

In Gold and Silver, this place serves no purpose unless you like completing things and want all the Unown by solving the four puzzles. In Crystal and the remakes, you can get extra items… I never come here otherwise, unless I'm raising something that can kill Unown for good EXP. They're all Level 5, and only know "Hidden Power", unable to learn any other moves.

So these… Things, did something to the visitors, hopefully just scared them off to somewhere else. Turning on your PokeGear and using to radio lets you pick up some weird signal however… Why it's there other than to creep us out, I have no idea. Supposedly it's used to make more Unown you want appear, also heard that some parts are a distorted cry of Ho-Oh…

Like the other three places mentioned before, I feel like there's no closure to the Ruins of Alph. And it makes me… A little queasy. Not helped by some of the stuff you can read in Crystal and the remakes.

Our words shall remain here for the ages.
Thus we shall erect a Pokémon statue outside.
They possess great insight and refuse the outside world.
We humans must learn to walk in harmony with them. We depart for their sakes.

… Refuse the outside world?…

Is this some meta fourth-wall breaking stuff, or…

1.) Generation Five - Strange House

Remember when I said how the other ones didn't have closure? This is something I loved about Black and White. In the first two, you see a girl standing on Marvelous Bridge who will vanish upon approaching(the NPC also sees her and is freaked out by it). An old woman says that the girl used to play with an Abra before the bridge was built… So, who is this ghost girl?

Black 2 and White 2 answer that. At the base of Reversal Mountain, there's a house. I didn't even notice it until post-game! But inside the Strange House, you will be forced to go through room-puzzles. Each time you enter or exit a part of the house, the layout will change by furniture being moved to block off certain paths.

This became frustrating for me, and I'll say why soon. But if you look around the bookshelves, you're going to get an answer on what happened to this girl… Four of them just mention abilities related to Drowzee and Hypno, Pokemon who are known for kidnapping children. Unfortunately, they are not the culprit behind this girl's demise…

"There is a Pokemon called Darkrai in the far Sinnoh region. To protect itself, it drives people and Pokémon away with terrible nightmares."

"There is a Pokemon called Cresslia in the far Sinnoh region. Its wings shine like the crescent moon and keep nightmares away."

And throughout the house, the young girl will speak to you…

"An everlasting dark dream… 
An endless dream of darkness…
Dad, Mom, Abra… 
Where are you…?"

Darkrai puts its victims in dreams of darkness and endless nightmares, mostly out of self-defense.

"In the dark dream…
I heard my dad’s voice…
Forget about the Lunar Wing…
Please stay here with me…"

Darkrai's nightmares are vulnerable to the Lunar Wing, supposedly in the dream, Darkrai posed as this girl's father in order for her to abandon the wing.

"Oh… The Lunar Wing…
I can’t take it now… But it’ll be OK…
Please return the wing to the Pokemon(Cresslia)…
I was waiting on the bridge so I could return it myself…"

You find the Lunar Wing at the end of the house. Post-game, you can encounter Cresslia on the Marvelous Bridge with it…

So what happened here? Well let's see… Abra, a psychic-type Pokemon that always sleeps, is able to sense danger… Darkrai, a DARK-TYPE Pokemon who can cause never-ending nightmares… And a Lunar Wing.

Rather than being left unanswered like the little girl in the Old Chateau… This game pretty much says it outright. Darkrai posed as this girl's father and convinced her to drop the Lunar Wing, murdered the child and possibly her Abra as well. Actual child-death, in a Pokemon game. Not deaths of the Pokemon themselves, but a little girl who was just scared.

Oh… That's right… About the furniture… My DS Lite kept crashing in the Strange House. I had to constantly save and reset to be careful and complete the puzzles. Granted, my DS is very broken-down, but at the time I wondered if perhaps my game was trying to tell me to stop what I'm doing…

It all ended after I got the Lunar Wing. But my DS could no longer go into "sleep" mode since then… And one of my worst fears is playing a game, and find myself unable to pause.

Generation Five is without a doubt my favorite next to the originals, and this is one of many reasons why! As for Darkrai… I honestly think he would have made a better playable character than Lucario, Charizard, and Mewtwo in Smash Bros. He was even the main antagonist of Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Time and Darkness after all…


United States
Hello there, I am Needlekirby364 but most people can call me NK or N.k for short...

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