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FNaF 4 spoilers, please scroll past or click this out of your notifications to ignore

so it turns out a kid did get bitten in '87 and not an adult-- which was done by other asshole kids. You may or may not be in a coma of the sort or in a hospital the whole time.

… Hoo boy, okay. Lemme get this off my chest, because… I am more than a little disappointed-- The last game made up for it with the corpse inside the rabbit and BB actually getting some development. Here it feels like it just dwelled back to square one… Actually, no, zero.

Someone on tumblrs also commented on how that this is physically impossible:

"The bite was just the frontal lobe, and happened at a point where animatronics were able to move around. We don’t see either of the animatronics moving on their own, and Fredbear’s teeth/jaw would’ve crushed the kids head entirely."

Plus Fredbear and Springtrap look far too "young" in '87, when they look more like late 70's or early 80's models.

The only good thing this game added aside from making the character more creepy, was the fucking cupcake. S/he's evil now. Which I actually like.

It legitimately feels like Scott rushed this and made an ass-pull with the story. And that's depressing. This game only made more questions than answered like 2 and 3 did. There's some unique easter eggs, and maybe it'll be sorted out eventually by the fans, but… It feels like a mess, and people are just eating it up despite the flaws all over the place.

Tl;dr/spoiler-free: It's badly mediocre compared to the previous installments. Graphics and scares don't mean much when you fuck up the story and gameplay.


Hello there, I am Needlekirby364 but most people can call me NK or N.k for short...

I love video games, like, lots of video games~~

Also tend to love western animation most of the time as well. And it's rare if I ever like anime.

My dumb fan-art/fan-fics usually consist of:
Madou Monogatari (or generally Puyo Puyo)
Luigi's Mansion (or generally Mario)
Legend of Zelda
Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale
Other games
Sometimes cartoons/comics

I suck at drawing, but continue at it anyway.

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