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Uhh, I recommend watching xxProClassGamerxx , because he's… Legit I guess, no bullshit and stuff…

And I won't spoil things, other than… BB has now officially become the best animatronic. S
crew the haters, he's like… The character we need to troll the atrocious fan-base.

On a side-note, I hate how dA doesn't want me using ' or ;… But now, I just wanna reinforce my thoughts on Neptunia Re;Birth, at first I suggested that "if you haven't played any Neptunia game, start with either the Re;Birth series or Victory" or something along those lines…

Uh… Now I take it back… Not just because Re;Birth is lazy. But they took out two of the best characters, Nisa and Gust.

Normally, I think complaining over the removal of characters is stupid. It doesn't affect games like Smash, Puyo, or anything else… Why should it affect Neptunia?

Well, because it's a remake for one thing. From what I'm seeing it's because Gust and Nippon Ichi did not take part in the remakes… And something like this

Nisa: A falling out between NIS(A) and CH/IF, rumored to be caused by people leaving NIS for CH/IF, which bring up other rumors of NIS treatment of their employees being lacking.

Gust: The company got absorbed by Koei-Temco and presumably they weren't too willing to have her take part again in the series again.

Not to mention, Nisa had some of the best scenes in the first game that actually made the hellhole worthwhile, like the "White Demon" moment.

In their place are RED (AKA female Chris-Chan), Broccoli (who's kind of a bitch), and other bland characters from Victory. You think the companies they represent would have issues, but… I guess not…?

CFW Trick is also much creepier in case you didn't like him in Mk2, they made him… Worse…?

So, so now the original version of Mk2 is the better one, and I recommend picking that one up instead. As for the first Neptunia… Well, Commanderdouche has a small guide if you actually want to play that one for some inane reason.

Plus it seems Re;Birth 1 has awkward difficulty spikes too… And the Hearts' original themes were taken out… Overall, yeah, I'm not getting the remakes. If you want to see what you're missing out on, look up both versions first. You're better off just buying Victory alone. :v

P.S: Don't bother with Hyperdevotion Noire. Unique gameplay concept, horrible story that makes you wish Nep was the main character instead.


United States
Hello there, I am Needlekirby364 but most people can call me NK or N.k for short...

I love video games, like, lots of video games~~

Also tend to love western animation most of the time as well. And it's rare if I ever like anime.

My dumb fan-art/fan-fics usually consist of:
Madou Monogatari (or generally Puyo Puyo)
Luigi's Mansion (or generally Mario)
Legend of Zelda
Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale
Other games
Sometimes cartoons/comics

I suck at drawing, but continue at it anyway.

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